Speakers’ Corner with Cultur Lab

Cultur Lab presents a speakers corner that seeks to establish new platforms for intellectual and cultural exchange. Culture Night will see the project hosting a speakers corner that will include scholars, writers, cultural practitioners, creative entrepreneurs, and artists who will speak for short 10 min sessions on a whole range of diverse topics.

Times 5pm – 7pm and 8pm – 9pm

Speakers & programme includes:

Prof. Tadgh O’Keefe, School of Archaeology, UCD: “Monto: Sex in the City”

Dr Catherine Cox, Medical Humanities, UCD: “Irish Migration and Mental Illness”

Prof Lorraine Hanlon, School of Physics, UCD, “‘From Temple Bar to Sagittarius A* – A journey to the Centre of the Galaxy”

Ruair O’Cuiv, Public Arts Officer DCC, “Is Art Worth It”.

Maggie Magee, Curator and Founder of the Dublin Biennial.

Toby Scott, knowinnovation: “Creativity is our Coal”

Prof Lizbeth Goodman, Chair of Creative Technology Innovation, UCD.

Dr Laura McAtackney, Shcool of Social Justice, UCD: “Interpreting Graffiti at Kilmainham Gaol”.

Alan Mee, School of Architecture, UCD: “Chaos Theory, Cities, and Ireland”

Dr Marisa Ronan, Founder Cultúr Lab, UCD/DCC: “Faulty Ivory Towers”.

For further info visit www.culturlab.ie or contact marisa.ronan@ucd.ie.

Time 5pm to 9pm
Address Concrete mural (Opposite The Gutter Bookshop), Essex St West, Temple Bar
Phone 01 716 3795
Website http://www.culturlab.ie