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FRI 16 SEP 2016

Cork County Hall and Cork County Library HQ

  • Address: County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork

Cork County Hall and Library HQ present exhibitions from photographer Tomasz Madajczak and comic-book artists Stephen Mooney and Nick Roche; dance by Headway and Inma Pavon; and music to get lost in from Crevice and Rory Francis O’Brien. Visit our website for more details.

Communication Beyond Sound originated from research aimed at establishing a sphere of creative communication between members of the deaf community from Cork and West Cork-based photographer Tomasz Madajczak.

Stephen Mooney (artist on DC Comic's Grayson, Marvel's The World According to Wolverine and Half Past Danger) and Nick Roche (artist and writer for Transformers, artist on Monster Motors and Marvel's Deaths Head and New Warriors) present an exhibition of their comic book art. Q&A hosted by Will Sliney.

Headway and Inma Pavon present Connections: Reawakening, an intimate journey through a labyrinth of dance with video from Kate Bean and music by Claire O’Brien. The performance will invite you to a place of contemplation, connecting you to the moment and to yourself.

Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley and Roslyn Steer present Crevice, a collaborative exploration in sound. As electronic sounds and voices weave different worlds, this is truly music to get lost in.

Known for his technical proficiency in bands Ten Past Seven and the Dragon of Shandon Band, Rory Francis O’Brien's solo project highlights his command of silence and space in fashioning stark and personal songs. This new musical terrain sees O’Brien blend traditional folk textures with contemporary melancholy.

Visit for full details on all the events in Cork County Hall & Library HQ.

Address: County Hall, Carrigrohane Road, Cork